Notary services and Legal Advice Support

The List of Legal and Notaries Services WE offer for you and your Business in RUSSIA


  • -       Legal counseling and lawyer’s services for any query of the client.

  • -       Legal assistance in business activities.

  • -       All-inclusive legal assistance in purchase/sale dealings of ready-made business, movable property (negotiations, documents analysis, contracts, warranty policy, clearances).

  • -       All-inclusive legal assistance in real estate activity dealings (home accommodations, commercial property, land, investment contracts, right of claim in concession agreements). Analysis of documents establishing the right, legality of the title, queries of land, contracts, registration of the ownership.

  • -       Counseling and reporting on business and corporate law, bank, currency, tax, antimonopoly, capital issues legislation.

  • -       Legal assistance in financing projects, drawing up of  contracts and other documents necessary to carry out any kind of civil law dealings as well as to legalize employer-employee relations.

  • -       Legal servicing of legal entities and individuals.

  • -       Representation of the client in courts of general jurisdiction – all categories of civil case (concerning family, legacy, labor, housing, tax, economics, insurance etc.), managerial cases.

  • -       Defense and representation in criminal cases (detention, investigation, trial).

  • -       Representation in arbitration tribunal and intermediate court (all categories of corporate disputes).

  • -       Representation in executory process.

  • -       Pretrial resolution of disputes.

  • -       Legal services overseas (companies, personal accounts, foreign banks etc.).

  • -       Interactions with ROSPATENT (services of patent attorney, trade mark registration), author’s contracts, license contracts.