Looking for Investors?

WE help you to find Investors from RUSSIA and CIS in the following sectors:
  • Construction and Development 

    • For both RES and IRS type of the projects, for the Land owners in Mauritius WE invite to tailor individual projects from the Residential campuses, mini-hotels, private luxury villas, to Supermarkets, Warehousing and Business centers (offices and business facilities) together with the partners from Russia.

  • Agriculture

  • Science and Healthcare

  • Tourism & Sport        

  • Yachting

  • Food and beverages

  • Manufacturing

  • Other  

WE has a direct access to Russian market, excellent networking and strong Team individuals operating for us. For both, finding potential investors and offering Mauritius as the offshore base for the international business, we operate through the network of diversified layers in Russia and CIS, including Banking sector, Investment Funds, Industries and private clients.


  • For the Investment projects in Mauritius, our client base in Russia mostly consist of businessmen, celebrity, sportsmen. Russian investors are comfortable to work with as the decision making is usually quick if the project matches expectations. To make it quick, it is advisable to follow all the recommendations of our specialists (see the list of the materials/documents required from the client) to prepare the Investment project and adopt it for the appropriate format, language and appealing knowing the mentality and decision making criteria. Our specialists are responsible for making the Presentation Pack in the appropriate format. 

  • For Mauritian and other Regional/International business that need to either a) enter Russian market, and/or b) require target services related to operating business in Russia and/or looking for specific consultation we provide out support at case by case basis (pls see Starting Up a Business in Russia).

  • WE are not limited to Mauritius and offer our services to the businesses and individuals who have projects in Reunion Island, Madagascar, South Africa and other African countries.