How to negotiate with Russians

The most typical souvenir (and in most cases image of Russia) for foreigners who ever visited Russia is the Matrioshka, a brightly painted wooden doll containing other identical dolls that get smaller each time a new doll is opened up. They were first manufactured at the end of the 19th century. It is said that their name from Latin (mater/mother) is due to a peasant mother with a large family (the Matrioshka usually contains 6, 8 and even 12 dolls). The business man who visits Moscow or will have to make a lot of contacts and open a lot of doors if he finally wants to discover with whom to do business, although unlike the Matrioshka, he will find people who are increasingly important.

Negotiation tips
  • The Russian negotiating strategy is the zero-sum game. What one party wins the other party loses. Faced with this attitude, you should stress the benefits to be gained from mutual cooperation.

  • Russians can become quite aggressive when they are negotiating: rage, anger, threatening to pull out of the negotiations, etc. are usual behavior. You should keep calm and wait for the storm to blow over.

  • Russians apply their knowledge of chess to business negotiations. They attack the opponent’s weakest point. They are quite adept at knowing just how far they can go.

... Those are just a few negotiation tips. Russian business might be confusing and difficult to break into but is very rewarding and, with the proper execution and partners, any deal can go smoothly. It is also important to take away myths and prejudices - and this is what WE help with.


Russian customers

There are more and more Russian tourists coming to Mauritius and it is important to understand the behaviors and tailor your products and services in order to attract the purchasing power of Russians. In general, Russian tourists spend lots of money during the vacations and among all other nations are at the top scale on spending per tourist visiting everywhere in the World.

WE can help you to tailor your services and products respectively.