Our advantages

  • We are based both in Mauritius and in RUSSIA and we are registered as a Mauritius Local Company. In Mauritius we cover and work with the local regional clients from Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa. Our specialist in  Moscow are dealing with our clients from RUSSIA and CIS.

  • Our specialists and people we work with have excellent and successful history with variety of the background and work experience in banking, finance, investment funding and venture capital, international business including offshore and on-shore privileged economic jurisdictions. 

  • We are specialized only on Mauritius for our Russian and CIS clients promoting and offering what one of the most growing economies in African Region can offer. As Mauritius is an African Gate in this respect, it is a great platform for Russian businesses and Private investors to keep it as a base and from here cover the rest of Africa, India and Asia. Transparency of it's offshore jurisdiction secures the legal aspects which are one of the core values we promote. The recent trend that we have identified is that Russians start to look into Mauritius with more interest and we consider this a reciprocal opportunity, as this opens the door to Russian market as well. 

  • For the Mauritius businesses and neighbor territories we are the gate to Russia as we know in and out of the specifics and opportunities from the start up to the long term plans to settle down with success.

  • Looking into the future, we also think about youth and generation who will continue to drive this success for both Regions. Thus, we help to encourage and consult on Russia as a place for science and high quality educational base for students from Mauritius and Aftica.

Contact WE

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tel.: +2309104667
e-mail: info@w-e-consult.com