About WE

Manage-Consult Studio WEST-EAST Ltd. was incorporated in Port-Louis, Republic of Mauritius (Company No. 093189).

WE are glad to inform Russian companies and individual investors that from now on they have the unique opportunity to enjoy professional assistance and latest information provided by our specialists as Manage-Consult Studio WEST-EAST Ltd. is the only company on the island nowadays with 100% Russian assets and Russian-speaking management to provide this list of services being physically both in Russia and Mauritius.

Our main priority consists of granting access to the blissful opportunities of this region for Russian businesses and private individuals as well as assisting them to benefit through implementation by taking those opportunities forward.

At the same time, we offer our services in search of partners and investors from Russia and CIS, and help to access Russian market for Mauritian companies and business individuals. We tightly cooperate with several Mauritian and international companies located on the island and bacame a member of Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

By having direct link to both markets WE has a privilege to get information quickly, carry on workflow efficiently as well as represent our clients’ interests both in Russia and Mauritius.  We are not limited geographically, meaning that we are ready to provide our services applied for nearby markets as: union Island, Madagascar, South Africa.

You can find more detailed information on our services and opportunities in the relevant sections of the site.

Contact WE

16 Morcellement des Mascareignes,
Gajadhur Lane,Trou aux Biches,
tel.: +2309104667
e-mail: info@w-e-consult.com